Farewell from Susanne

I was lucky enough to be part of the ESTHER implementation in Kent since it was brought over here from Sweden alongside Anna Carlbom. So far we have trained 4 coach cohorts, 2 in Hawkinge house, one in Thanet and one in Broadmeadow. We have also implemented ESTHER ambassador training across Kent, training over 400 staff in the ESTHER model.

 While problems seemed to arise at the beginning of the ESTHER implementation such as: “we already work this way”, people are now starting to embrace the ESTHER model as coaches are taking work forward. The impact of the model can not only been seen in improvements on ESTHERs life but also in the change in attitude of staff who have gone from feeling like they are unable to change anything due to rules and regulations to some of the most positive, enthusiastic and change driving people I have met.

 In the one year that I have worked for the ESTHER team I have felt such a shift in myself as well, the opportunity to inspire and encourage staff  in the coach training sessions, ambassador sessions and other meetings to make changes in ESTHERs life has been inspiring.

 While I have decided to leave, I truly hope that the work that is happening both in Kent and globally will continue with its current pace and encourage staff to become as ESTHER focused as possible to improve the life of our ESTHERs. It has been a pleasure working with you all and I will continue to be part of the coach groups on Facebook to see all the changes that are happening.

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First ESTHER Inspiration day in Kent

As it now has been almost 2 years since the first ESTHER seed was planted in Kent we thought it would be a good idea to share our progress so far and spread the knowledge about the model even further to different stakeholders. In our efforts to be true to the original we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to launch our version of the Swedish ESTHER Inspiration day!

We were happy to welcome about 150 participants: ESTHERS, ESTHER coaches, mangers, commissioners and other interested. Apart from listening to the story of ESTHER in Kent everyone also had the opportunity to attend 4 different mini-workshops: ESTHER implementation and effects at Hawkinge House, Mini-ESTHER cafe’, How being a coach has changed the way we work, ESTHER Coach training and the role of the coach trainer. All very well attended. There was also a market place where we could meet stakeholders and ESTHER coaches telling about their improvements made for the best 4 ESTHER.

Following the Inspiration day we are offering ESTHER ambassador trainings across east Kent and the sign up for this is already really great. We have had a few requests for Coach trainings and our next challenge will be to meet the demand, offering a high quality training and keep the momentum in the ESTHER roll out.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Invitation: Team from Singapore will share their learnings

IMG_1499.JPGThe Region and its municipalities are currently hosting group of visitors from Singapore during four weeks.

The team came to Jönköping to explore Esther, person-centred care in the care chain, in “real life”. They are all clinicans and some of them are Esther coaches. Now they want to invite you to a workshop where they will share their learnings and insights. One of the purposes of this workshop is to have a dialogue about their experience and point out what we can learn from Singapore. We would like to explore new perspectives and possibilities together!

The program contains presentation of Health and social care system in Singapore and learning lessons during the visit in our Region.

When: November 15, 2017, 10am -12am
Where: Sal A, Regionens Hus, Husargatan 4, 551 11 Jönköping

Please notify Anastasia Shklyar at Qulturum if you would like to participate in the workshop.


Singapore and Sweden learning together

Qulturum,Center for Learning and Innovation in Healthcare in Region Jönköping Län, are welcoming nine visitors from Singapore for a couple of weeks. They want to explore Esther, personcentred care in the care chain, in “real life”. They are all clinicans and some of them are Esther coaches or are in training to become one.

The Singapore group hopes to pen their thoughts and learning points in this blog and facilitate open communications between Singapore counterparts and Sweden!

“We will like to view it as an exchange programme as we share our knowledge and experiences with one another and exploring new perspectives together“.

The program contains learning visits in hospital -, primary-  and community care settings as well as Jönköping Academy, Jönköping University.

We will focus on personcentred care , care transitions, quality improvement including patients as a partner, and on future integrated care. If you want to know more about the individual goals of each visitor you can find it under: Preparing study visit.

Hope this blog will be an active and attractive way of learning and sharing. So let´s start exploring…….. Any surprises today, new insights, new questions? Very welcome to participate in the dialogue where ever you are 🙂